Here’s what I learned while building a new house!


Although I’m an experienced builder and have been working for the past 12 years I think construction work has nothing to do with limitations. Each time when I was made responsible for a new residential construction, I learned some new things that were not previously part of my constructing experience.

It is not possible for me to cover each and every point within this brief piece of writing; however, I’m just going to shed some light for those who are new to residential construction. First off, you should start the experience with a residential construction since building a house is the mother of all the major projects.

In fact, you get a primary education that enables you to get admittance into higher education! Practice makes you perfect! You can read a lot of material on construction but you will have to see all that information into practical phase. One of the best ways is to visit a random site where the construction work is underway.


A house can be very big or even a small consisting of a single room, one kitchen and a bathroom, and a house can consist of more than ten rooms. As a newbie, you are advised to choose a single room house. However, it is all right to check in different scales, sizes, measures, designs, and shapes. You will really enjoy the entire experience I can tell you despite the fact that you will have to face some challenges as well.

Before building, it is very important to establish a realistic budget to avoid an abrupt abandonment of the project in the middle, which could mean a considerable financial loss. It is very important to have the perfect idea of the average cost a new house can absorb. There are so many things about residential construction; these were just a few examples to warm you up.

Building a house is the mother of all projects!

Building a house is the mother of all the projects without any doubt and confusion. When we take a look at the construction history, it was a residential construction that was first made on this planet earth. Animals especially birds were no exception, they built nests in the trees as their dwelling place – they could build nests as per their creative ability and humans started to build mud-made houses using their natural creativity. This continued to grow up each day that passed and we can now see its most modern form.


The actual developmental revolution was introduced after the invention of cemented houses and the credit goes to the cement inventors without a doubt. Much has changed from then until now! The best part about residential construction is that women have also entered into the construction industry with a variety of professions such as engineers, contractors, and even Masons. I’ve been in the construction sector for around fifteen years.

I can well remember when I picked up a lot of helpful learning points during the construction of my own house; that gave me some help to become what I’m now. I’m a construction engineer and I can tell you that the residential construction is the key to all who want to join this field.

Carpenter With Female Apprentice Working On Building Site

However, there are so many important things to coordinate, review and take into account as with any big project. Believe it or not, building a house can be overwhelming and endless, it doesn’t end itself, but you have to end it!

These days, most residential constructions are aimed as elegance as well as energy efficiency; purchasing cost is another important concern. Today is the time with the ongoing trend of realizing and projecting homes and apartments. At the end of the residential building, you will have learned a lot of important things.

Everything you need to know about a residential construction

In this day and age, homes are built in a wide range of styles, sizes, scales, and budgets making it hard for an ordinary person to make the correct appraisal without the professional assistance of a reliable general contractor to put their residential construction plan into action.

I’ve just built my new and first home and I know how hard it was to manage things and go through each step with the contractor. For me, it is very important to take a look at the whole picture before you see the ground is dug by the laborers.

The house should be built in such a way that if you have to sell it in future you will not have to face a loss. I know one of my friends who spent excessively to ensure durability and strength of the building since he was not in the intention of selling his house in the future.

But a difficult time fell on him and he had no option but to sell his house, and buyers were not willing to give him more than its market value overlooking all the costly material and work he got done to ensure stability and strength. So, before you are part of your residential construction, you are not supposed to invest more than the upcoming value of your house in the time to come.

The best part about residential construction the industry is that women have also come to join this profession and they are found to be more honest than men, this doesn’t mean all the men are dishonest but women are more trusted as a matter of fact. So, you are able to get a women contractor, which will be a beautiful thing, as well. Build a house if you love a project! That’s about all, see you soon